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Mother’s Day might as well be called “Entitlement Day”.  Not really, but I think it has potential to be a hard day for moms who don’t feel appreciated or given enough attention.  And being unappreciated is basically the definition of being a mom, right?  You do lots of hard things over and over, and no one notices, and that’s okay.   So if you want something for Mother’s Day, don’t leave your family guessing, just tell them.  I’d really like flowers, or could you make me breakfast in bed, or could you take the kids out while I take a nap?And maybe those are too much to ask your family, but maybe not.  Mother’s Day commercials are so unrealistic, please don’t let them influence your thinking and expectations.  I know you are awesome!

Mom’s, what do you want for Mother’s Day?

I’d love to go to church with my family, not fix lunch or dinner, get lots of hugs, and have an afternoon nap!  Since Mother’s Day meals are crazy expensive, I think I’d better plan some cook ahead meals for Sunday so my wish can come true!  Go HERE to see the list I started for Mother’s Day freebies and feel free to add your own you’ve come across.



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